Thursday, November 15, 2012


I recently wrote a polemic on the subject of Struggle and its utter futility. The assertion is:

My experience of struggle (mine and others') is that it is a pointless dissipation of energy that leads to disease, a vainglorious ego-trip and a demeaning of the human spirit.

I argue that struggle is a negative emotion based on the fear of loss and is counter-productive and harmful.

If you have strong feelings either way on this subject, please let me know.


I've recently become aware of just how big and successful the whole Conspiracy Theory business is. David Icke must be up there in the rankings.

One of his theories is that the moon is a giant mind control machine - sounds pretty wacky, just like a lot of his other theories. But then that particular theory has been around a long time in a different guise - the astrologers have for aeons attributed a lunar mental influence to the moon... particularly on lunatics!

And there's a lot of anecdotal influence from scout leaders, nurses, police officers and teachers that behaviour changes during a full moon.

Any more evidence - and in particular plausible explanations as to how - gratefully accepted...