Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I listen to Radio 4 in the morning - I can't stand music that early in the day. I'm generally not that enamoured of Thought for the Day either - but it thankfully only lasts a couple of minutes.

Now a few weeks ago I was listening to a typically preachy TftD when, right at the end, the speaker compared the notion of possessing something (and by implication someone) to relating to it.

A large penny dropped as I realised that, at times, I have put great energy into possessing things (and possibly people too), when relating to them instead would have been so much more rewarding.

I'm not suggesting that possession is bad and relation good - just that each has its place. And, of course, they're not mutually exclusive.

For me this has huge ramifications from house ownership to intimate relationships. So thank you TftD, though it still makes me wince.

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