Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Edward Hunter - the first evictee of this year's Apprentice - has "roll with the punches" as his guiding principle. I liked this at first - I liked the idea of a rebel accountant that wings it, on the fly, rather than planning everything to the nth degree and expiring from analysis paralysis.

But then it rapidly became clear that he had a suicidal streak - that in spite of repeated warnings of impending 'punches' (too many oranges for example) he would just carry on walking straight into them. Almost as if he hated accountancy and what it stood for so badly that he would sacrifice himself in his attempt to devalue his own profession.

His suicide mission was as successful as his task was a failure. So from one point of view he won the day.

This was a powerful reminder of the need to integrate all our faculties and abilities - so....
as one of my 'gurus' once put it: plan, plan, plan...then throw the plan away and respond to what's in front of you.

Or - decide which punches you can avoid altogether before you start rolling with them!

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