Tuesday, November 18, 2014


In more lucid moments I realise that much of my time is spent trying to get somewhere...somewhere else, somewhere that I'm not already at.

And with that thought comes the realisation that everything that I've ever done, said, felt, thought or wished for has brought me to where I am now.

So in a sense I've already achieved what I set out to do. It might not be what I want now, but it must reflect what I wanted, otherwise what have all those actions, thoughts, feelings and aspirations been for?

Now I know this argument isn't bullet-proof at least at a rational level. But it feels healthier than the constant dissatisfaction of seeming to be never where you want to be.

Does it work for you?


James Gamgee said...

Sometimes, when I see myself wanting to be elsewhere, I stop wanting it. Seeing my desire seems to give me a moment of choice about wanting the goal or not.

Chris Pearse said...

That's a good discipline, James - it's still work in progress for me, but getting easier!